Birthday parties in Anikino offer unforgettable moments for you and your children. You can throw a party any time from Monday till Sunday.

You can choose from 5 fabulously decorated rooms, taking into consideration the minimal number of children in each room:


THEMED BIRTHDAY ROOMS the minimal number of children  
  monday-thursday friday-sunday and holiday
ROYAL (Little Princess World) min. 7 children min. 9 children
JUNGLE (the land of wild plants and animals) min. 6 children min. 7 children
COSMIC (a journey through space wtih Star Wars) min. 9 children min. 10 children
DRAGONS AND DINOSAURS (a journey into prehistoric times) min. 7 children min. 9 children
FROZEN LAND (adventure with Elsa and Anna) min. 9 children min. 10 children


Come and take a look at the themed birthday rooms that we offer


The required non-refundable deposit in the amount of 180 zł, paid three days after your reservation. The deposit will be credited towards your final bill on the day of your party. Payments can be made by cash or via bank transfer to: BNP Paribas 72 1750 0012 0000 0000 3571 8184. Please include the date of the party and the birthday party person in the bank transfer title.

Don’t forget to pick up the free invitations we have for your party guests!


Our parties come in several variants. You can pick the one that suits you best
(click here for a price list):
  • CLASSIC PARTY: 2 or 3 hours of playing in Anikino, colourful invitations, paper tablecloth; white, disposable plates, cups and forks; wather a small gift for a person celebrating their birthday or nameday and souvenirs for guests. Photos are handed out just after the party.
    Price per one child from Monday to Friday: 3 hour-party is 59 zł, 2 hour-party is 49 zł, from Saturday till Sunday: 3 hour-party is 69 zł, 2 hour-party is 57 zł

  • COLOURFUL PARTY: contains everything included in classic party; additionally: colourful plates and cups; cake candles; paper hats or whistles, balloons - see how the party in Anikino looks like.
    Price per one child from Monday to Friday: 3 hour-party is 69 zł, 2 hour-party is 59 zł, from Saturday to Sunday: 3 hour-party is 79 zł, 2 hour-party 69 zł

  • FUN WITH OUR ENTERTAINER: a disguised entertainer will dress up all the guests and make up their faces with special face paints which can be easily  washed off. The entertainer will not only make the time pass much more pleasantly but she or he will keep an eye on your chidren as well. What is more the entertainer organizes some contest with prizes. Price- 230 zł, no mater how long the party is and how many children participate.

  • SNACKS and DRINKS:(for no less than 8 children)
    • Birthday boy set: alcohol-free champagne, coca-cola or apple juice, crisps, sweets. Price per one child: 16,00 zł
    • Sweet tooth's set: juices for children, Kinder Suprice, alcohol-free champagne, coca-cola or apple juice, crisps, sweets, crunchy sticks Paluszki, Mieszanka Krakowska. Price per one child: 22 zł
    • Gourmand's set: juices for children, Kinder Suprice, Big Milk ice cream or a big jelly sweet, a hot dog for everyone, alcohol-free champagne, coca-cola or apple juice, crisps, sweets: cookis, Mieszanka Krakowska, crunchy sticks Paluszki. Price per one child: 29 zł


  • Cakes to choose - candles free:
  • Fairylike - spongecake with whiped cream, decorated with fairytale characters, for example Winnie The Pooh, Spiderman, Scooby doo, a ship, Witch, a horse and many more. Flavours: chocolate, strawberry, peach, rafaello, marakuja.  
ALL NIGHT BIRTHDAY PARTY - from 8:30 p.m. to 9.30 a.m. the next day - karaoke party, discoteque or a thematic party (Indian, pirates, royal or jungle) with two entertainers, including one-night accomodations and breakfast.
Price: 1400 zł for 10 children into a group. We invite children up to 14 years old.

Additional offers:

  • MAGIC WONDERS SHOW - 910 zł 45 minutes
  • PLANETARIUM SHOW - 570 zł 45 minutes
  • SOAP BUBBLE SHOW - 200 zł 20 minutes show in summer
  • FACE PAINTING - 130 zł up to 20 children
  • BALOON ANIMALS CREATING SHOW - 130 zł half an hour
  • CHEMICAL SHOW - 970 zł 45 minutes
  • PINATA - 150 -200 zł

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